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Hot Stones Massage

About My Style of Bodywork

What I specialize in

I  specialize in integrative holistic bodywork. I use a blend of massage techniques, modalities, and bodywork that pull from both eastern and western bodywork therapy. In each session, I use a combination of techniques that address the whole person; mind, body, and spirit.  Each session is personalized based on your needs. My approach to bodywork is one that helps to tap into your own innate ability to heal. I use different techniques to help facilitate healing in the physical, energetic, and emotional aspects of yourself.   In a session, I will use techniques including, cupping, quasha, polarity energy work, chakra balancing by sound therapy, foot reflexology, articular therapy,  acupressure on meridian points with or without essential oils combined with massage modalities including,  Swedish massage, deep tissue,  trigger point therapy, stretching, craniosacral and myofascial release. 

My passion and drive to become a massage therapist came from the deepest desire to work in a field where I could help people become more centered and grounded, where I could give my service to others and be a seed to help with transformation where healing within their selves can begin. where I could help be the bridge to facilitate health and well-being of the whole person; mind, body and, spirit.

“A life well-lived often means finding a way to take your greatness and serve others –  to leave this world,  even a small part of it, a better place just because you showed up.” Unkown

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